Welcome to Dikwena Tse Botse Tsa Ga Matsepe


An icon of peace, a cultural activist and a traditionalist.  Born in 1933 yet still active and energetic with the strength and energy that can put many young boys to shame when he is on stage performing his indigenous music and dance.  Mr. Mohlala or Kwena (as he is affectionately known) is the founder of DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE.


Chairperson of Bapedi African Culture and Heritage, an organization made up of over 135 traditional dance groups from Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces.  A family man, who proudly upholds African morals and values in his family and the community at large.  He is the coordinator of the Zindala Zombili music and dance festivals in the Limpopo Province.

Over the years, he was honoured with many accolades and awards, amongst them: 
•  Moral regeneration award by the Greater Sekhukhune district municipality
•  Achievers award for arts & culture by the Limpopo Province Premier
•  Lifetime award by the state president of Indonesia during his performances there

The legacy still continues...



DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE (DIKWENA) was established in 1993, by Mr. Moteka William Mohlala.  DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE  was registered as a non profit organization and as a section 21 company in 2006.  The group has an active membership of 60 dancers made up of 25 Adult female dancers, 15 junior female dancers and 20 male dancers, culminating different styles of the Bapedi traditional and indigenous music and dance such as Makgakgasa, Dipepetlwane, Kiba, etc.


DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE is situated in Tafelkop under the Chieftaincy of Kgoshi Boleu Matsepe-Kopa, in the Elias Motswaledi Local Municipality within the Greater Sekhukhune District Municipality in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.  The group has a good understanding with lot of organizations as well as government departments in our country and works with various cultural groups across all races in South Africa and across the borders.  The group is also affiliated under the AFRICAN CULTURAL HERITAGE TRUST and a member OF CIOFF-SA.



As much as the project has opened doors for DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE, it has however also brought much bigger challenges as people now expect a lot from us. Going forward we are hoping to do amongst others the following:
•  We have so far received +/- 10 invitations to perform in international festivals in countries like Australia, England, 
Poland, Holland, etc, and we are hoping to honor some of them if not all.
•  We are aiming to have nationwide shows which will culminate an intensive visitation to lodges, hotels and other 
tourist destinations around.
•  Turning DIKWENA TSE BOTSE TSA GA MATSEPE into a cultural industry wherein people will be employed on a full
time bases to do culture. And this involve the establishment of a cultural village at Tafelkop where we have
already secured a site and a 100% support from the local Kgoshi.
•  Helping other groups to also grow and go international in as far as culture is concerned.